PPI Advisory is a recognized leader in the design and distribution of insurance solutions for Canada’s high net-worth market. Since 1978, we have helped our Associates (independent insurance advisors) grow their knowledge, professionalism and their practice through the delivery of sophisticated estate and tax planning ideas to clients.

We’ve consolidated more than three decades of research and analysis by our in-house experts into our Professional Resource Centre. With an extensive library of tax and estate planning educational material and technical strategies, this site is your source for up-to-date and in-depth information on advanced planning.

The content in the Professional Resource Centre is developed by PPI Advisory's cross-disciplinary team of Planning Specialists and is focused on sharing the knowledge and skills that top Associates and professional advisors use to differentiate themselves in the marketplace.

Access to this website is available to valued Associates at PPI Advisory and to professional advisors (lawyers and accountants) that they may sponsor. For more information, please contact your advisor or visit ppiadvisory.ca

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